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Turntable Tuesday: Mama’s Got A “Squeeze Box”

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CBS-FM has a fun feature called “Turntable Tuesday.” Once an hour, we play an ‘oh wow’ record from vinyl. I feel like Dr. Johnny Fever when I ‘cue up’ a record.

“Squeeze Box” was released in October of 1975, with “Success Story” as its B-side. It saw some success in the US, peaking at #16 on the charts and reaching #1 in the Great White North. The term “squeeze box” can refer to an accordion, but we all know from some of the lyrics (“She goes in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out”) that that is not the case.

Be sure to come back every Turntable Tuesday as I talk about another one of my favorite 45s from teh vast collection here at CBS-FM!

–Dave Stewart & E.J. Judge, WCBS-FM


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