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Rare Color Photos Of The Beatles First U.S. Tour Go Up For Auction

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When the words ‘Rare’ and ‘Beatles’ are used in the same sentence, fans usually go into a frenzy and the collectors open up their wallets! So many are excited to hear that unpublished COLOR photographs of The Beatles’ first U.S. tour will be auctioned off this year!

The photos were taken during their 1964 visit to the U.S., when color film was VERY expensive and most images of the group were in black and white.

The collection of 65 slides contains many stage shots, including George Harrison with legendary red Rickenbacker guitar, and close-up portraits from a Las Vegas Sahara Hotel press conference and Las Vegas Convention Center show.

Omega Auctions says the images will be sold March 22nd which happens to fall exactly 50 years after The Beatles released their first album!

Read more about the big auction from the Daily News and take our poll:

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