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Does The Supermarket Express Check-Out Lane Really Save You Time?

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Do you try to save time by going to the express check-out lane at the supermarket? You may be wasting your time.

A doctoral student in math education at Stanford University has actually taken the time to figure out how much speedier it is. The answer: not much.

Even at its most efficient, it’s only about 28-seconds quicker than the regular lane. If the line is long, it adds about 48 seconds per person waiting to the entire process and any time savings goes right out the window.

What we really want to know, is the self-checkout any quicker? Deb Rodriguez ALWAYS opts for that, but winds up having to wait for assistance at least once because of something that won’t scan!

Listen to DT’s pet peeve at the supermarket and something Mr. G NEVER does when shopping:

Read more on the myth of the express checkout lane from the Post and take our poll:

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