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Last Minute Tips On Giving Equal Presents To The Kids

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Debbie Rodriguez' Daughter Sarah was our special weather girl this morning! (Louis Pulice/CBS Radio)

Debbie Rodriguez’ Daughter Sarah was our special weather girl this morning! (Louis Pulice/CBS Radio)

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It’s time to play “she got more than I did!”

Moms and dads…and even Santa will tell you, if you have more than one child, it can get very stressful making sure you give an equal number of presents at equal value.

Kids keep track, and they can get very upset if they perceive favoritism! Especially if they’re little, they don’t understand that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. And if they’re older, they don’t always understand that more expensive might mean fewer gifts.

Deb says a couple of Christmases ago, her daughter ran out of the room in tears when her son got a big bean bag and her gift was a lot smaller in size!

Advice from the experts?

  • Unfortunately, you may indeed have to count things out, even if prices for gifts vary because kids add it all up.
  • Try to keep values similar, especially if your children are tweens or teens.
  • Don’t get them identical gifts. Treating each child like his or her own person helps get around sibling rivalry.

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