Tech Rumors: Leaked Photos Of The iPhone 5S Surface?

Is this happening already, Apple fans?

Just as many of us were getting used to our latest tech toy that came out, a website claims to have the first leaked photos of the next iPhone, assumed to be called the 5S.

The site Etradesupply.comĀ  says Apple is beginning trial production on the 5S for an earlier-than-usual release in 2013, perhaps in the spring or summer. They also say there will be a wide variety of colors to choose from this time around.

For many this is great news, but for everyone who just bought the iPhone 5, they will have to sit on their contract for almost 2 YEARS and wonder why they jumped the gun on the (at the time) latest version.

None of this is confirmed, but stay tuned for more rumors and take our poll:

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