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Tips On Avoiding Disaster At Your Office Holiday Party

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This will not end well! (JEAN CHRISTOPHE MAGNENET/AFP/Getty Images)

This will not end well! (JEAN CHRISTOPHE MAGNENET/AFP/Getty Images)

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It’s that time of year again for the office holiday party!

Whether or not you enjoy them, 91% of offices will have some kind of party this year and CBS this morning has some tips for getting through it without killing your career.

  • Try not to avoid going to the party altogether. Be a “team player” because avoiding it will only prevent potential connections
  • Determine the dress code before you go to a party. If you’re not sure, it’s best to wear business attire. Don’t be provocative!
  • Make sure your manager sees you at the party and also remembers speaking to you.
  • Don’t drink too much (or avoid alcohol altogether)! Consider the party a “fun business meeting.”
  • Be polite and take a sip if your manager wants to share a drink, but don’t overdo it
  • Do not flirt with your coworkers! Too many people will talk about it the next day
  • Before leaving, say “thank you” to the party organizer and your boss
  • If you “make a mistake” at the party, be sincere and apologize for your lapse in judgment

Dan has some advice for Mr. G when it comes to the copy machine and the office party:

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