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Dan Taylor Remembers TV Legend Larry Hagman

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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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TV legend Larry Hagman, immortalized in the show I Dream of Jeannie and as the greedy, scheming J.R. Ewing in the hit show Dallas passed away Friday at the age of 81.

The cause of death was complications from cancer.

Larry’s family and close friends, including Dallas co-stars Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday and he passed peacefully surrounded by loved ones, just as he had wished.

Hagman was in the middle of shooting the season 2 TNT reboot of Dallas and worked right up until the holiday.

On November 21st, 1980, more than 350 million viewers in 57 countries tuned into find out “Who shot J.R.?” bringing in some of the highest viewers in TV history and inventing the term “cliffhanger.”

Dan Taylor remembers Larry Hagman:

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