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Hendrix At 70: “He Changed The Whole Landscape” – Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers

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Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers/photo by Taylor Hill, Getty Images

Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers/photo by Taylor Hill, Getty Images

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Tuesday (November 27) marks 70 years since the birth of Jimi Hendrix, the man who changed electric guitar and rock and roll forever. Few guitarists have escaped the man’s influence; in the past few weeks, CBS Local has discussed Hendrix with a number of legendary six-stringers.  

Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers was one of many artists inspired by Jimi; he founded his band in the early ’70s, singing and writing timeless classics like “Listen To The Music,” “Rockin’ Down The Highway,” “China Grove” and “Long Train Runnin’.” In a recent CBS Local interview with Johnston and fellow Doobies guitarist/singer Patrick Simmons, Tom said that in the short period that Hendrix made records (1966-1970) “Musically, he changed the whole landscape, he was doin’ things that nobody was doin’.”  

While much has been said about Hendrix’s live showmanship, Johnston was more impressed by what Jimi did in the studio, including his use of feedback and backwards recording. 

The Doobie Brothers have just released their authorized documentary, Let The Music Play: The Story Of The Doobie Brothers, on DVD and BluRay. See the film’s trailer here

Brian Ives, CBS Local 

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