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Is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Too Intense For Kids?

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 dominated the box office this weekend, but if you did not bring your young one to see it yet there are some things to consider.

Moviefone brings up some issues to help you decide if young teens should see what they call “a hard-PG-13 for the violence and the sexuality.”

Sexy Times – Now that Edward and Bella are married, the newlyweds do what newlyweds do! Any love scenes do not feature nudity but does feature a soft moaning, close ups of skin and even a wide shot of the couple passionately embracing.

Big bloody battles – Expect lots of blood and character deaths that are likely to make younger sensitive fans of the book cry.

Adult Themes for kids – Bella has to be convinced to tell her dad that she is still alive, and one of the main criticisms of the books is how easy it is for Bella to leave her human life behind. That’s not exactly a positive message for teens, and if it weren’t for Jacob, Bella would’ve allowed her father to grieve her death.

Beheadings – Breaking Dawn Part 2 makes up for the lack of action in Part 1 with one of the most shocking visuals in any PG-13 movie.

Expect decapitation and burning of several characters throughout the story. Moviefone says the number of scenes that feature a severed head is really disturbing, including one of an immortal toddler.

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