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Andy Summers Will Never Rule Out A Police Reunion

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Jo Hale/Getty Images

Jo Hale/Getty Images

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Former Police guitarist Andy Summers will premiere a documentary at the New York Documentary Festival on November 9th. Titled Can’t Stand Losing You, the film is based on Summers’ 2006 autobiography One Train Later: A Memoir and will take an in-depth look into the Police from the ’70s, ’80s and their reunion tour from 2007-2008.

While working on the documentary, Summers came to a conclusion that might surprise the general public and his former band mates: that he’d consider another Police reunion. “I never say never about anything; the world is strange, so who knows,” Summers told Billboard.

The Police were known as much for their groundbreaking music as they were for their egos and infighting. And despite Sting‘s and Copeland‘s reluctancy, Summers fondly recalls his time with the band while making the film. “Surely if you’re human, there’s a little part of you that wants this great stuff to carry on. You can’t simplify it. It’s a mix of ‘Thank God it’s over’ and ‘Why are we stopping?’ But it does end and you get on with your life again and let it fade away.”


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