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Whitney Houston’s Posthumous Song Offers Hope, Inspiration

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(Courtesy of RCA)

(Courtesy of RCA)

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Even in her death, Whitney Houston has managed to create a song of hope and inspiration that adds to her legacy as one of the most gifted and talented singers of our time.

The previously unreleased track, “Never Give Up,” offers an empowering message as well as advice on combating adversity and will be featured on Whitney’s greatest hits collection, due out November 13.

The album, I Will Always Love You — The Best Of Whitney Houstonwill feature 18 of the diva’s biggest songs, along with “I Look To You,” a song produced by Clive Davis with newly recorded vocals from R. Kelly.

Listen to  “Never Give Up” below and let us know what you think of Whitney’s new song.

Cicely C. Mitchell/ Hot 95.7- Houston

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