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Micky Dolenz Shares Personal Experiences On “Remember” Cover Album

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Photo credit: E.J. Judge

Photo credit: E.J. Judge

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Micky Dolenz‘s latest solo effort Remember is much more than your typical cover album. The former Monkee puts his spin on songs like The Beatles‘ “Good Morning, Good Morning,” and Chuck Berry‘s “Johnny B. Goode” to create an audio scrapbook of his life for fans, sharing with them the connection each song has with him on a personal level.

“We’re going to do songs that have a story attached,” says Dolenz, who admits fans were at times confused by his song selection during shows. “But until I started telling the story why I’m singing ‘Johnny B. Goode,’ the audience would look up and go, ‘why are you covering an old Chuck Berry tune?”

“Johnny B. Goode” was actually the song that Dolenz performed during his audition for the Monkees, and like every song on Remember, each has it’s own, interesting tale.

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Dolenz has more than stories just about his past, but others as well. Before Harry Nielson became a well-known singer-songwriter, the Brooklyn-born Nielson was an aspiring songwriter working days at a bank in California. He was able to bring some of his work into the studio for Dolenz, Davy Jones and others. Upon hearing “Cuddly Toy” Jones replied, “I like that, I’ll do it.”

Nielson told Dolenz years later that while leaving the studio, the publisher said to him “you can quit the bank.”

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Dolenz will bring his stories to the stage tonight (October 19) to B.B. King’s in New York City and record the show for his LIVE DVD. Go to TicketMaster for available tickets to the show.

Mickey Dolenz’s new solo album Remember is also available now.

Listen to Dan’s entire interview with Micky Dolenz:

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