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Fall Fitness: Helpful Ways To Burn Calories As The Weather Gets Cooler

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As the days get chillier and the leaves turn color, take advantage and get in shape!

Dan Taylor and Deb Rodriguez talked about some of the ways you can burn calories during Fall that you might not have realized were helpful!

Some of the helpful things mentioned:

  • Walking through a corn maze for 55-minutes burns about 200-calories.
  • Raking leaves for 25-minutes burns more than 100 calories.
  • An hour of hiking through the colorful scenery burns more than 400-calories.
  • Walking around carrying a 10-pound pumpkin for an hour burns about 270-calories.
  • Trick or treating with your kids for an hour and a half will burn about 330-calories…as long as you don’t get into the candy bag along the way!

Mr. G also has some calorie cutting suggestions for Dan:

You can see more helpful fall fitness tips by clicking HERE and take our poll:

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