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Causi’s Best: The Search For The Best Pizza In The Tri-State, V2.0

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Once again, it is the most wonderful time of year!

Don’t be confused by any other holidays, because we’re talking about National Pizza Month. This happens to be “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi’s favorite time of year, and you probably remember his quest to find the best pizza in the tri-state last year (ahem! Congrats again to Ciro’s in Staten Island).

That was 2011. An entire year has come and gone and dozens, nay, hundreds of pizza joints in the area have upped their pizza game to compete with the champ. Joe Causi is issuing the challenge once again to find the Best Pizza in the Tri-State for 2012.

Whether you are from the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island, Staten Island or Manhattan, we NEED to know … who has the best pizza in the tri-state for 2012?!?! The winner will receive a visit from “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi to make a few pies and, of course eat a couple of slices.

After letting listeners suggest their favorite pizza places, we’ve narrowed the choices down to the TOP 10! The winner of this poll will receive a visit from Brooklyn’s Own Joe Causi – he’ll make some pies, eat some slices and chat with the staff and customers and we’ll film it all for you to check out at the end of October… National Pizza Month!

It’s time to VOTE on the TOP 10!

Village Trattoria | Mr. Bruno’s | New Park Pizza
L&B Spumoni Gardens | Lee’s Tavern (Yelp)
Joe’s Pizza | Grimaldi’s | Lodi Pizza (Yelp)
Full Moon Pizzeria (Yelp) | Di Fara’s Pizza

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