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Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Available Today As Dan Taylor’s Birthday Pick Of The Week

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(Bu-ray.com photo)

(Bu-ray.com photo)

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For anyone into conspiracy theories, you have to appreciate this one: Today is Dan Taylor’s birthday, and it also happens to be the date his all-time favorite movie series is available for the first time in high definition!

Dan and Steven Spielberg must be friends, because Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures is out today and is the most obvious DT Pick of the Week you’ll ever see!

The Complete Adventures has extra features that tell the behind-the-scenes stories of how the series came together, check out some of the highlights:

Find out how Seven Spielberg decided on casting (including the infamous footage of Tom Selleck’s tryout as Indiana Jones), music, character origins and special effects.

Spielberg and George Lucas both supervised the complete restoration, but say the biggest change in the movies is the addition of full surround sound.

The packaging is similar to the Star Wars box set with the discs in thick and sturdy cardboard sleeves bound within in a book with artwork and photographs.

See more info and get a link to purchase this great collection HERE from Bl-ray.com’s website and check out a clip of Tom Selleck’s infamous audition:

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