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Best of the 1980s: The Music, Movies and TV

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Today in the CBS-FM Hall of Fame we’re celebrating the idols from that wonderful decade of decadence; the 1980s. You remember: the big music, big movies, big TV and big hair! OK, maybe you want to forget about the hair. We’ll give you a moment to burn those polaroids.

You’ll be hearing hits from 80s idols while you’re dialed in to CBS-FM, but we aren’t going to stop at the music here. We want you to vote on the best songs, movies and television shows from the 80s. You lived it, so who knows better than you, right?

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The Music

Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Police … where do we even begin?!?! Here are ten of the biggest hits from the ’80s. VOTE and tell us which was the best of them all!

Don’t like any of our choices? Make your voice heard in the comments section below!

The Movies

This is certainly a tough one. Between all the drama, action and comedy, where do we even begin? We tried … now get to voting!

Your favorite not included? You know what to do. Blow up the comments section with your picks!


Probably as difficult, if not more than both music and movies. We have no idea. Thinking about all of this is hurting our heads. Either way, help us out and VOTE!

You know the deal. Not happy with our choices, dive into that comments section!

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