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Mayor Michael Bloomberg Proclaims July 7th “101.1 CBS-FM Day”

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Dan Taylor and Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Digital)

Dan Taylor and Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Digital)

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CBS-FM has been pulling out all the stops for its 40th Anniversary by digging up classic air checks, having some of your favorite jocks like Cousin Brucie come in for a live broadcast, and bringing in some big name artists for interviews.

Dan Taylor had a very special guest in studio this morning when Mayor Michael Bloomberg stopped by to proclaim July 7, 2012 “101.1 CBS-FM Day.”

This station has just gotten better with age,” said the Mayor, as he delivered the Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York. “It’s a leader in New York radio.”

The Mayor has been a big fan of CBS-FM and the music they have played for quite some time. He recalls the monumental moment in music history when he heard one of the most influential bands for the very first time; The Beatles.

“I remember in college going into the cafeteria on a Sunday night. There was a little black and white television; color hadn’t been invented in those days,” the Mayor joked. “A whole bunch of people were standing and watching four guys from Liverpool who needed a haircut … on the Ed Sullivan Show.”

Nearly fifty years after first seeing The Beatles on television for the first time, the Mayor is good friends with one of them.

“Today I can say Paul McCartney is a personal friend.”

Watch Dan Taylor’s entire interview with the Mayor and see him deliver the weather in place of Mr. G. If he isn’t careful, Mr. G might be replaced by Mr. B!

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