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Paul Shaffer Wishes WCBS-FM A Happy 40th Anniversary

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This weekend, WCBS-FM is turning the big 4-0, and we’re celebrating in a big way. Since July 7, 1972, we have been bringing the best of the best music to NYC, and we ain’t done yet!

Starting July 6th, we are bringing back the good ol’ times all weekend long with the music and the WCBS-FM DJ’s you know and love.

Joe Causi caught up with a guy who’s been around about as long as we have! Paul Shaffer has been the man behind the music at The Late Show with David Letterman since 1982.

Paul said when he needs to hear the music he grew up loving, he tunes into WCBS-FM.

“To this day, when I need to remember exactly what that lick was on that song, you know, Soul Survivors, and I will turn on CBS-FM,” he said. “That’s the place to go to hear it and review it, and I’m still doing it.”

Paul also said his favorite bands of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s were The Rascals, The Rascals, and The Rascals reunited. Talk about consistency!

–Sarah Scroggins, CBS LocaL?WCBS-FM

Watch Paul wish WCBS-FM a happy 40th anniversary below!

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