Chuck Schumer Wants You To Get More Beer For Your Buck

Chuck Schumer is fighting for New York’s right to party; responsibly and at a reasonable price, of course.

New York’s Democratic Senator fears our 21st birth(day)right will be in jeopardy now that a state court has cancelled a tax exemption offered to in-state breweries.

“It would be a great thing for our state to have this industry grow, but this court decision could clobber them,” Schumer said while making an appearance at the East Village Tavern, located at 158 Avenue C and 10th Street.

Schumer is in support of the BEER Act, which would provide up to 50% tax relief to microbreweries nationwide and would allow small brewing companies in the boroughs, like Brooklyn Brewery and Chelsea Brewery, to expand business and create jobs.

But with the state court nixing the tax exemption, in-state brewers could see costs increase and run New Yorkers’ tabs up at the tap.

The Daily News reports that brewers pay a $7 excise tax for the first 60,000 barrels of beer they brew each year, but if the BEER Act passes it would cut that to about $3.50 per barrel.

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