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Causi’s Best: Where Is The Best Diner In The Tri-State?

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It’s the first day of May, which means we are just a few weeks away from Memorial Day Weekend, marking the beginning of a long and eventful Summer for many of us. When your time is occupied by days full of fun and nights that never end, you are sure to work up an appetite.

But where do you go when your hunger stifles your brain’s ability to choose exactly what you want to eat? That’s easy; A Diner! Diners are a staple in America’s food culture with a rich history, and more importantly, menus with unlimited choices.

Whether they have the best disco fries or the tastiest milkshake, I’m going to need YOU to help me find the best diner in the tri-state, whether it’s out in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Jersey, Connecticut or right here in Manhattan!

Here’s how you can help!

Leave the name and location of the best diner in the tri-state in the comments section below!

Let us know which diner in the tri-state is the best of the best. After we narrow down the choices, we’ll let YOU vote on the winner, and whomever comes out on top will get a visit from myself and the CBS-FM Street Team! We’ll film and photograph our visit, which will include us indulging in some of their great diner dishes, of course.

And don’t worry, when we find out where our destination is, we’ll be sure to let you know… the more the merrier!

Don’t waste anymore time! Let your voice be heard and let us know which diner is the best in the tri-state!

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