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Mr. G’s Thursday Forecast: Morning Clouds Lead To Afternoon Sun

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Great day for a run in the park! (Getty Images)

Great day for a run in the park! (Getty Images)

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The last couple of days have mostly been dark, dank and dreary as Mr. G likes to put it, but we finally see some consistent sunshine later today one the final but of wet weather leaves the area for good this morning.

Today: Any showers ending then clouds and some breaks of sun, highs in the mid 60’s.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with a shower possible late, lows in the upper 50’s.

Tomorrow: More clouds than sun with a few showers and thunderstorms possible, much warmer with a high of 75 degrees.

Tomorrow night: Scattered showers and possibly an early thunderstorm, lows 55-60 degrees.

Saturday: Remaining mostly cloudy with a shower possible, high 70 degrees.

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