Kilo The Brave Pit Bull Takes A Bullet For His Owner On Staten Island

A story from the New York Post yesterday really confirms the bond between man and his best friend. A Staten Island dog is a true hero after taking a bullet to the head to save his owner.

Kilo, a 12-year-old pit bull, was shot during a home invasion attempt on Saturday as he lunged at a robber posing as a deliveryman in an attempt to protect his owner.

He jumped in front of his owner and the bullet amazingly ricocheted off Kilo’s skull and exited through his neck, leaving no damage to his skull!

“This is one in a million,” said the vet who operated on Kilo. “He’s very lucky.”

The hospital’s staff was so impressed, they put a little “S” on his bandage to call him a “superhero.”

Kilo is home and recovering from his wounds and should be fine! You can read more about this very brave (and lucky!) dog by clicking HERE

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