In Memorium: Encyclopedia Britannica 1768-2010

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Encyclopedia Britannica is no longer in print (YouTube Still)

Encyclopedia Britannica is no longer in print (YouTube Still)

The end of an era is upon us, although it comes as a surprise to only a few: Encyclopedia Britannica has ceased publication and the 2010 edition will be the last in print after 244 years.

The New York Times says Britannica will continue to maintain its website and is calling the move “a rite of passage in this new era.”

The first Encyclopedia Britannica was published in 1768 as “a dictionary of Arts and Sciences.”

The high prices and the emergence of Wikipedia are the main causes for the demise. How much did it cost in print? The last edition was comprised of a129 pound, 32-volume set that ran about $1,400.

Read more about the end of the Encyclopedia Britannica from the New York Times HERE and take our poll:

Check out a commercial from 1985 that touts Encyclopedia Britannica as the “key to the information age:”

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