Discover The Meaning Of Your Name On Namesake Day!

Do you know the true origins and meaning of your Name? Today is Namesake Day and we have a great website that gives you all the detail and history behind your name!

We also went ahead found the detail on Dan Taylor, Mr. G and the rest of the morning team’s names!

Here’s the story behind the names on our morning team:

  • Daniel is an English name derived from biblical times
  • Irving is Scottish and derived from a Scottish place meaning “green water”
  • Deborah is an English name which means “bee” in Hebrew
  • Louis is a French name that has declined in popularity in the last century

You can learn what your name means at and take our poll:

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  • Nilsa yvette moreno

    unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, I am hispanic …My name is Nilsa…If by chance anyone happens to find out i would love to know!!!

  • Mary Shaw

    Mary means wish for a child, I was blessed with 3 and 1 Grandson!!! :-)

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