Newt Gingrich Sued by Survivor for Using ‘Eye of the Tiger’

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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Politicians receiving a snub or a lawsuit from musicians for using their songs isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In fact, we made light of some notable instances in the past.

The latest to feel the wrath from the long arm of the copyright law is Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich. “Man on the Moon” Newt (Seriously. Use R.E.M.’s “Man on the Moon.” It will work perfectly with your space colony idea) has been blasting Survivor‘s “Eye of the Tiger” when sprinting up the seventy-two stone steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art…


Gingrich has been playing the uber-inspiring anthem of the underdog at his rallies, and some members of Survivor aren’t taking kindly to the fact that their pockets aren’t being lined with green in the process.

“My legacy, my life, has been ‘Eye of the Tiger,'” Frankie Sullivan told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Those copyright laws are there to protect people like me who are lucky enough to create a copyright. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is an iconic copyright. It’s become a lifelong legacy, something you want to pass down to your kids.”

Sullivan claims the suit has nothing to do with politics. But if Newt wants to use it, he’s going to have to pay up.

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Sullivan is the only member pursuing the lawsuit. Jim Peterik, Sullivan’s one-time songwriting partner and co-wroter of the motivational jam is completely disinterested.

“I hate suits,” Peterik said. “I hate being in court. I avoid that meticulously.”

Listen to “Survivor” right now. You won’t get sued.

We promise.

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