One-Hit Wonders: Kajagoogoo And “Too Shy”

With a name like Kajagoogoo, it had to be good. At least once, anyway.

Yes, it’s true that Kajagoogoo had a string of Top-25 hits in the UK (and was popular in Germany and the Netherlands for the better part of two years). But in the US, they were a bona fide one hit wonder, their lone charting song being “Too Shy.”

kajagoogoo too shy 385 One Hit Wonders: Kajagoogoo And Too Shy

Released in January 1983, the song was produced by Colin Thurston and Nick Rhodes (of Duran Duran) for the band’s White Feathers LP. Thanks to heavy rotation on MTV, the song managed to climb all the way to #5 by July that same year.

Posthumously, the song was voted as one of the 100 Greatest Songs of the ’80s by VH-1, is also on their Top 100 One-Hit Wonders list and has appeared in Grand Theft Auto and the Sims.

The band’s name, by the way, is a variation on the a babies first words — gaga, googoo — or, in the case of my kid, “please pass the Tabasco.”

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