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One Hit Wonders: Barry Gordon And “Nuttin’ For Christmas”

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Barry Gordon (Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Barry Gordon (Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

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Barry Gordon was just three years old when he made his acting debut on Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour. He was a worldly seven years old when he scored his lone Top 40 hit, “Nuttin’ for Christmas.”

Though many others have covered the same song, it was Gordon’s spritely version that was the most successful, landing the youngster at #6 on the chart in December 1955 and selling over 2 million copies.

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Gordon’s music career wouldn’t take him much further but that zany contraption called the TV served him well, from ’50s stints on Jackie Gleason’s show to ’70s sitcoms to ’80s and ’90s voice roles. Gordon has also run for Congress, been president of the Screen Actor’s Guild and, as of today, teaches politics and media at Cal State LA.

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