CBS-FM’s A-to-Z Number #1’s Countdown

19373453 CBS FMs A to Z Number #1s Countdown

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye – Steam
Need You Tonight – INXS
Never Gonna Give You Up – Astley, Rick
New Kid In Town – Eagles
Next Time I Fall (With Amy Grant), The – Cetera, Peter
Night Chicago Died, The – Paper Lace
Night Fever – Bee Gees
Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, The – Lawrence, Vicki
Nine to Five – Parton, Dolly
Ninety six tears – Question Mark and the Mysterians
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (With Barbra Streisand) – Summer, Donna
Nothing From Nothing – Preston, Billy
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Jefferson Airplane/Starship

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  • oldies76

    Well I’m glad some 50’s are being included. Great countdown! Next time, play the number 1’s
    in chronological order from the 50’s thru the 80’s. That would be awesome.

  • http://WCBSFM Carl Parente

    A-Z as only as CBSFM can do it!!! And it’s great that you’re going back to play # 1’s from the 1st decade of rock and rock too, that makes my wife Linda happy, especially if she gets to hear Your Belong to Me by The Duprees, her favorite song and group!

    A very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to all of the CBSFM family.

    Carl, Palisades Park

  • joanne goldberg

    Much better than your regular playlist. We get to hear artists that your station usually ignors completely, and yet they were #1 sellers. Must have been someone who liked them then. Bet we still do.

    • Joanne Petersen

      You are right, they should play these song more often!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Too bad you skipped right over Connie Francis’ #1’s “Don’t Break the Heart That Loves You” and “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” and also Steve Lawrence’s “Go Away Little Girl”. Oh well….

    • Peter Romersa

      “Go away little girl….Go away little girl…I’m not supposed to be in love with you. But when you tease me like this…Your much to hard to resist…Go away little girl before I beg you to stay.”

    • Niles

      I just wrote WCBS asking why they didn’t play the 2 Connie Francis Records that you mentioned. I also didn’t like them overlooking Steve Lawrence’s Go Away Little Girl. If a record went to number 1 it should be played no matter how many versions. I read your comment after I wrote mine.

  • Raul Castro

    What happened to “Johnny Angel” (Shelly Fabares)? Was he on vacation for Thanksgiving?

  • Adrian D'Silva

    U guys are fabulous. This is the best thing u have done. I love listening to the songs I haven’t heard for some years now.U should have similar programs like this throughout the year. Keep it Up CBSFM. U are the Best.

  • Joanne Petersen

    I love when cbs does this count down it is sooooo great, I would like to know why alot of these songs are not played on cbs fm, would like to hear these song more often :)

  • Jennifer

    Great songs! The variety is great, so much better than hearing the usual same songs over and over everyday. Can you do this more often?

  • Thank you sooooo much for playing these songs.....They bring back some great memories....I still remember the words. Now this was music. !!! i hope CBSFM will do this again for Christmas.

    Thank you sooooo much for playing these songs…..They bring back some great memories….I still remember the words. Now this was music. !!! i hope CBSFM will do this again for Christmas.

  • edward

    Hope to hear #1s from the late 50s and early 60s, before the British Evasion. Great playlist!

  • Carl Ramcharan

    Like this array of songs great listening thank u cbs

  • Peter Romersa

    “I’m Leaving It Up to You”-Dale & Grace (Montel-Michele 921) Number One- Billboard Nov 23, 1963—Two Weeks—
    Conspicuosly Absent from the list!!!!

  • Peter Romersa

    I would like to second the idea of playing all the number one songs in chronological order. That would be cool!!! I can see the program manager’s concern though. The first day of the count down the station would get to 1959 day two the countdown would get to 1966. Day three the count down would get to 1972 day four (presumably on Sunday) the countdown might get to the year 1979. On Monday (now the WCBS-FM countdowns extend into the next week because the songs are more numerous and the CBS-FM record library is SO VAST. Which is really “101-wonderful!!!!”) then maybe the countdown would get to 1985. This could be done. But I don’t know if the PM or if the advertising dept. would “give it the green light.”

    • oldies76

      1955 through 1964 would be quick….65, 66 are longer years, 67-69…quick. 1974-75 very long, 80-83 quick..1985 thru 1989, very long years.

  • Peter Romersa

    My top five number one songs of all time:

    5) Knock Three Times- Tony Orlando & Dawn
    4) My Love- Petula Clark
    3) Sukiyaki- Kyu Sakamoto
    2) Afternoon Delight- Starland Vocal Band
    1) Lovin’ You- Mini Ripperton

  • Peter Romersa


    5) The Police
    4) Peter Paul & Mary
    3) The Carpenters
    2) Abba
    1) [who woulda thunk] THE BEATLES!!!!!

  • Carrol A

    Dear CBS 101.1,
    I was born and raised in Brooklyn until I moved away after graduating from Pace U in 1990. I’m in town for the holidays, and I tell you my daughter and I are had the best time listening to the greatest hits on Thanksgiving while cooking. We had the best time ever, singing and dancing to the music. Thank you for wonderful music and for being around for 35 years. Here’s to another 35+ years playing the best of the 60s, 70s, and 80s!!! You need to do this greatest hits line-up again!

  • http://Wcbsfm101.1 Frank & Linda

    I enjoy hearing ALL the oldies that we grew up with. ( 50s, 60s, 70, and 80s )
    Please play them more often.

  • Mark S.

    How about a A-to-Z Number #2’s countdown. That would really be fun to hear!!!

  • oldies76

    Looking at the #1’s list by letter, many songs in the 1960-63 period are missing, also the majority of #1 of the 50’s are also missing. The Christmas music (except the Chipmunks) were not #1 on the Hot 100 either.

  • Lily

    Man, we loved this countdown. My brother kept bugging me to find out what the last song was so I came on to see. This was awesome. Best thing I’ve heard in a while. How I wish stations normally played such variety. So tired of going from station to station and hearing the same stuff. We had a ball with this.

  • Paul Shamansky

    Hey you all. There had to be a ton of number 1s left out from the roots of rock years. It felt like there should have been more played. There was a few country hits included that I don’t remember the DJs ever playing. It’s not so funny that most of these early number one’s never made it to the other A to Z countdown thanks to WCBS-FM and advertiser’s obsession of targeting younger listeners than the ones who first tuned in in 1972. .

  • Niles

    There are 2 Connie Francis records that went to No. 1 that was not included in your survey and I would like to know Why? They are Everybody Somebody’s Fool, I believe from 1959 and Don’t Break The Heart that Loves You from 1962.

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