AMC’s Fearfest Is On Now Through Halloween

It’s a horror fan’s best time of the year! American Movie Classics kicked off the annual Fearfest last night with the Season Two premiere of The Walking Dead and they will run your favorite horror flicks straight through Halloween!

It doesn’t get better than sixteen straight days of Horror movies, or does it? The entire two week run will be hosted by Night of the Living Dead director George Romero, so obviously it does get better!

Fearfest has more than sixty horror films this year, a 14-part mini-documentary series called American Haunters, and so much more.

Check out the entire schedule of AMC’s Fearfest HERE and take our poll!

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    Why isn’t AMC showing any of the Friday the 13th originals? Why do they insist on promoting these garbage straight-to-dvd horror flicks that nobody cares about? Why do I feel like strapping on a hockey mask a la Jason Voorhees and wreaking vengeance on those bastards who continue to neglect one of America’s favorite horror movie icons?

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