CBS-FM’s Top 1001 Labor Day Weekend Countdown – The Songs!

199 – 100

bob seger CBS FMs Top 1001 Labor Day Weekend Countdown   The Songs!

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199 Seger, Bob “Night Moves”

198 Four Tops “Reach Out I’ll Be There”

197 Rafferty, Gerry “Right Down The Line”

196 Queen “Killer Queen”

195 Taylor, James “Fire And Rain”

194 Simon & Garfunkel “Cecilia”

193 Benatar, Pat “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

192 Youngbloods “Get Together”

191 Grand Funk “Some Kind Of Wonderful”

190 Miller, Steve “Jet Airliner”

189 Lovin’ Spoonful “Summer In The City”

188 Mccartney, Paul “Silly Love Songs”

187 John, Elton “Philadelphia Freedom”

186 Rolling Stones “Miss You”

185 Mamas & Papas “California Dreamin'”

184 Mann, Manfred “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”

183 Player “Baby Come Back”

182 Harrison, George “My Sweet Lord”

181 Miller, Steve “Fly Like An Eagle”

180 Benson, George “On Broadway”

179 Bishop, Elvin “Fooled Around And Fell In Love”

178 John, Elton “Tiny Dancer”

177 Foreigner Cold As Ice

176 Maestro, Johnny “Worst That Can Happen”

175 Fleetwood Mac “Say You Love Me”

174 Queen “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

173 Green, Al “Let’s Stay Together”

172 Browne, Jackson “Running On Empty”

171 Four Tops “I Can’t Help Myself”

170 Chicago “Does Anybody Really Know…”

169 Eagles “Take It To The Limit”

168 Diamond, Neil “Cracklin’ Rosie”

167 Spinners “I’ll Be Around”

166 Beatles “Let It Be”

165 Sly & The Family Stone “Everyday People”

164 Emotions “Best Of My Love”

163 Edwards, Jonathan “Sunshine”

162 Mellencamp, John C “Small Town”

161 Chicago “Just You ‘N’ Me”

160 Hues Corporation “Rock The Boat”

159 Dion “Wanderer”

158 Eagles “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

157 Jackson, Michael “Rock With You”

156 Buffalo Springfield “For What It’s Worth”

155 Box Tops “The Letter”

154 King, Carole “I Feel The Earth Move”

153 Joel, Billy “You May Be Right”

152 Eagles “Lyin’ Eyes”

151 Temptations “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

150 John, Elton “Rocket Man”

149 Browne, Jackson “Doctor My Eyes”

148 Elliman, Yvonne “If I Can’t Have You”

147 Money, Eddie “Baby Hold On”

146 Holmes, Rupert “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”

145 Loggins & Messina “Your Mama Don’t Dance”

144 Crystals “Da Do Ron Ron”

143 Chicago “Colour My World”

142 Three Dog Night “Joy To The World”

141 Queen “You’re My Best Friend”

140 Taylor, James “Your Smiling Face”

139 Hamilton, Joe & Reynolds “Don’t Pull Your Love”

138 Robinson, Smokey/Miracles “The Tears Of A Clown”

137 Frampton, Peter “Show Me The Way”

136 Simon, Paul “Kodachrome”

135 Orleans “Dance With Me”

134 Santana “Evil Ways”

133 Seals & Crofts “Summer Breeze”

132 Turtles “Happy Together”

131 Doobie Brothers “China Grove”

130 John, Elton “Daniel”

129 Grand Funk “The Loco-Motion”

128 Four Seasons “Opus 17”

127 Ace “How Long”

126 Joel, Billy “Big Shot”

125 America “Ventura Highway”

124 Free “All Right Now”

123 Fleetwood Mac “You Make Loving Fun”

122 Wright, Gary “Dream Weaver”

121 O’jays “Love Train”

120 Doobie Brothers “Long Train Runnin'”

119 Fleetwood Mac “Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)”

118 Withers, Bill “Lean On Me”

117 Chicago “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day”

116 Scaggs, Boz “Lido Shuffle”

115 John, Elton “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

114 James Tommy & Shondells “Mony Mony”

113 King Harvest “Dancing In The Moonlight”

112 Rascals “Good Lovin'”

111 Mccartney, Paul “Band On The Run”

110 Blondie “Heart Of Glass”

109 Police “Every Breath You Take”

108 Eagles “Already Gone”

107 Sister Sledge “We Are Family”

106 Doobie Brothers “Black Water”

105 Joel, Billy “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”

104 Croce, Jim “You Don’t Mess Around W/Jim”

103 Lennon, John “Imagine”

102 Simon, Carly “You’re So Vain”

101 Money, Eddie “Two Tickets To Paradise”

100 Beach Boys “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

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  • Matt Shotkin

    This is a good countdown so far: I’m enjoying the music:

  • Mary Shaw

    its Awesome!!! Hearing a lot of songs I hardly hear!!! Love it!!! I just don’t like the football part :-(

  • Mary Shaw

    Heard songs from Bread!! put that in your schedule during the week, they are Awesome!!!

    • carolanne

      Was there a girl who didn’t own that Bread album? Loved it!

  • Raymond Ross Robinson

    this list is unbelievable….can’t wait to see # 1

  • Stan

    TOOOOOOOOOO Many Spots, the same spots over and over again

  • Stan

    Big Jay Sorenson is the only Jock fitting to end the countdown for 2011. BE BIG

  • David Rodriguez

    Great music, as always! Just curious… many votes did Number 1001 get and how many votes did Number 1 ?

  • oldies76

    Brown Eyed GIrl #1…..REALLY???? The most overplayed song in history.

    • selders1

      I was just looking at the 2010 Top 1,001, which you can still find on this website. I wanted to see where “Brown Eyed Girl” placed last year. The big surprise: It didn’t make the list. I went through it a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t missing it. But I didn’t see it. So a record that didn’t rank in the top 1,001 a year ago this year tops the list. Extraordinary.

  • http://na Mike

    Wow no Frankie Avalon and Venus, Thriller at 722, Satisfaction so low and give me a break with Van Morrison at #1 I guess alot of us are passing away. Huge disappointment this year. Though it is good to see all the Margaritaville burn outs are still around. Peace

    • James B.

      You’re right…a big disappointment!

      “Brown Eyed Girl” at #1???

      “Rag Doll” by the 4 Seasons dropping to #29 from #1…lowest position in years.

      Few songs from the early 60’s and almost none from the 50’s.

  • judah shapiro

    Pretzel Logic
    Well..not my choices for top ten, least to some degree sanity has been restored from last year-“Rag Doll” the Number One Best song EVER?! Mr. Spock & Einstein would both be befuddled! Now comfortably ensconced at 29 the logical world can now continue. JS

    • James B.

      “Rag Doll” was definitely a better choice as #1 than “Brown Eyed Girl”…

    • John J. Jr.

      RAG DOLL is a true New York classic by a great group FRANKIE VALLI and THE FOUR SEASONS!

      JERSEY BOYS has been a big hit on Broadway for years; RAG DOLL is the final song that closes the show…

  • selders1

    The biggest surprise to me was the relatively ordinary showing by the Beatles. They usually dominate these lists, but other than “Hey Jude” at No. 4, you don’t see them again until 166 with “Let It Be.” Wow. ONE Beatles song in the top 150? I wouldn’t have predicted it.

    • Rita G.

      I agree. It was also a big surprise that even though Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons were at #3 with “Sherry”, many of their other hits dropped down quite a bit this year:

      #999 “Big Girls Don’t Cry”; #843 “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”; #665 “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”; #542 “My Eyes Adored You” and #483 “Dawn”!!! The latter four were in the Top 100 last year.

      Also, “Rag Doll” not only dropped out of the #1 spot (where it belonged), but dropped out of the Top 25–first time it’s been that low in years…


    No Frankie Avalon,Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vee, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis,Bobby Rydell and so on and on.Not enough votes from original loyal listeners to get the music we heard as kids to get on the survey. I guess a lot of us are playing our cassettes and CDs and abandoned WCBS-FM because they abandoned playing our music for the advertising dollar to coral younger listeners after JACK RADIO bombed..
    And that includes sticking in a football preseason game during the countdown. I’m no football fan. They could have started the countdown a day later.
    One ’50s Elvis, a handfull of DOO WOP groups. Artists that didn’t make the A To Z countdown, didn’t make this list either.If it’s not requested, no one’s going to hear and oldie but goodie from the ’50s and early ’60s and it will never appear on any holiday play list because it isn’t heard to be voted for.

    • John J. Jr.

      You’re right. The Top 1001 is basically CBS-FM’s playlist with a few additions here and there. CBS-FM has reached out and won a new audience of listeners. I hear CBS-FM when I visit my local bakery, pizzeria, etc., and most of the workers there are in their 20’s. I, too, have been listening to CBS-FM for 30 years and have seen the changes in the music that is played. I was happily surprised last year when “Rag Doll” by the 4 Seasons ended up as the #1 song, but knew that it probably wouldn’t repeat as it wasn’t played that often during the past year on CBS-FM.

      Hey, I shouldn’t complain, CBS is highlighting the Four Seasons in the Hall of Fame today…LOL!

  • Carolanne

    Absolutely wonderful! Brown Eyed Girl number one? With all those great songs? I don’t agree at all.

    • Oldies Lover

      I looked up old New York radio surveys. They’re available on another website.

      “Brown Eyed Girl” only made it to #25 on WMCA. It did not chart at all on WABC!!!

  • Carolanne

    The Beatles, Dylan, The Platters, Four Seasons, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel just to name a few and Brown Eyed Girl number one? Is this the Twilight Zone?

    • Four Seasons Fan

      I agree with you. I thought that Rag Doll by the 4 Seasons was the perfect choice for No. 1 last year. It is a true NY record by a great group from NJ. I can’t believe it dropped to No. 29 this year.

      I’m glad it was played twice today as part of the Jersey Boys Hall of Fame.

      • carolanne

        I will say pretty much anything else would have been a better choice for number one.

  • P. Lawrence

    Two out of the three songs I listed for the Top 1001 made it. Ricky Nelson was a no show.
    It must have been a twenty something who wrote up the list. Dion did not have a hit with “Dream Lover”, it was Bobby Darin. Anyone else catch that?

  • Bobby Rodriguez

    This survey is a sick joke! Brown Eyed Girl Number WHAT? That song couldn’t make a Top 10,000 of real Rock And Roll/DooWop. How about The Mystics, The Jive Five, The Chantels, Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers, Nino And The Ebbtides, The Roomates, The Marcels, The Del Vikings? That is what a real Top 1,000 would show. Ok, I admit Sherry/Four Seasons is a great one but Hey Jude? Easily the worst record The Beatles ever did. How about Tell Me Why/The Beatles?

    Bring Don K Reed and the DooWop Shop back.

    • http://You'renotkidding.IliveinPAnowandatleasttheybroughtbackHarveyHoliday'sStreetCornerSundayafterweprotesteditgottakenofftheair.ItwasPhilly'sanswertotheDooWopShopandHarveyisjustasgoodasDon.GotoWOGL. Mark

      You’re not kidding. I lived in PA since 1995 and they brought back Harvey Holiday’s Street Corner Sunday after we protested. When they dismissed the Doo Wop Shop, I wrote to the Mayor, City Council, CBS all to no avail. And I didn’t even live in Jersey anymore but felt for everyone in the NYC Metro area. If you’re missing the Doo Wop Shop, give Harvey a try on at 9 on Sunday nights. This week there’s a fund raiser for Children’s Hospital so he’s live, though it’s usually taped. I don’t work for CBS or any affiliates so this isn’t a plug for bad behavior on their part, I manage some cemeteries and funeral homes and this music helps keep me sane. Take care and you’ve got great taste in music! Mark from Eastern PA

      • junior2

        WOGL is CBS-FM’s sister station. I check out their website every now and then. I see where last weekend they played all the #1 songs from the 60’s. 70’s. and 80’s alphabetically.

  • Andy Padaetz

    Best list I’ve seen yet, perhaps because my Bee Gees continue to get more and more songs on the survey (13 if you count Andy Gibb’s 2)-and Stayin Alive got all the way to number twenty-five (uh oh, sounding like Broadway Bill there). Maybe next year # 1 for the Brothers Gibb?

    I think also after last year’s list, there was a huge backlash against the prevalence of Beatles and Four Seasons songs in the top 200. Much more balance this year, although methinks Brown Eyed Girl will not stay at #1 next year.

    • Steve E

      Interestingly, “Brown Eyed Girl” didn’t even make the Top 1,001 last year, which is hard to believe.

      • JJ

        I checked last year’s list twice myself. How did “Brown Eyed Girl” go from nowhere to #1? It hasn’t become that popular over the last year. It all seems a bit suspect. I’d love to get the inside story as to how these Top 1001 lists (Top 500 in the past) are really created.

  • carolanne

    No rhyme or reason to it. It depends on who votes I suppose. I just know I could not have been more disappointed when I heard “Brown Eyed Girl” come on as number one. ANY other song would have been better. Also, the doo wop songs were sorely missing because lets face it: The doo wop people are getting sparse. Sad. Great music. Still, Dylan, the Beatles, Four Seasons, all would have been better choices. Maybe Van had a big voting party at his house.

    • JJ

      I’m not to blame. I voted for Rag Doll, 16 Candles, and Rhythm of the Rain…LOL!

      I think that limiting the choices to only three favorites affected the results.

    • junior2

      Dont blame me either…My votes were for My Eyes Adored You, My Boyfriends Back and Rag Doll!!!

  • junior2

    There is a website (not radio station) that caters to NY radio listeners. It asks its followers to vote for their favorite songs every year. “Brown Eyed Girl” did not make it on to the last Top 1500 list a few months ago!!! On that list the #1 song was “Rag Doll” followed by “Hey Jude”.

  • carolanne

    I am really glad most of you agree. It’s almost weird that “Brown Eyed Girl” came in first. I guess we all better vote next year!

  • P.Lawrence

    Doo Wop groups ain’t on the list because they killed off Don K. Reeds Doo Wop Shop because maybe they decided it was music for “geezers”, and were losing listeners,( I was a long time listener) and they can get more money advertising to young “whippersnappers”, (some of the ads I hear are aimed directly toward them, and you sure can tell) even though we buy a lot of the goods and services they do. It still should be played because it’s Rock N Roll history, advertisers be damned. If they can play the Beatles on Wednesdays and the rest of the week as well, which I’m sick of, and Motown Mondays and Ticket Thursdays because the Broadway musicals aren’t selling tickets,or groups or single acts aren’t filling theaters, they should turn Turntable Tuesday which sounds a lot like Turntable ’70s and ’80s, to Turntable Roots Of Rock Tuesdays because in the ’50s and ’60s we played our 45s on portable record players. What else was there then?And they should do it all day long, not once every hour.When they do a Roots of Rock Weekend, which is rare now, they should play it all weekend, not just once an hour. Ignoring ’50s music until someone passes away is not right.We heard lots of Elvis’s early music on his death anniversary, but just play his 1970’s songs otherwise. I heard just one Buddy Holly song on his 75th birthday, but if you went to the site the station set up ,you could hear 15 of his hits. Saturday night is Saturday Night Seventies. How about giving us back Friday Night Fifties.
    I’m thinking of abandoning ship and joining the satellite radio crowd. Even though I was not fond of Cousin Brucie, I’ll tune into him and hope for the best.

    • junior2

      Great idea, but I doubt that they’ll be implemented.

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