Comic-Con 2011: Day Four Wrap-Up & Aftermath

Day Four of Comic-Con is a hangover. A hangover from the previous nights finale parties and a hangover for the Fans who have over-indulged in the popular arts. Like the pigs in Angry Birds, it’s a day when the hardcore attendees roll around in their sloth of animation, graphics and merchandise, taking in each breath before they have to pack-up, ship out and wait for their October gathering in New York.

[pullquote quote=”Alright; I guess it’s time to walk the floor and get as much free crap as I can…” credit=”Overheard, Anonymous Comic-Con Attendee”]As the low rumbling from the San Diego Convention Center entered it’s final day before the Academy of General Dentistry takes over for their annual meeting next week (with less than 0.42% of the attendance) we took the opportunity to take in a few last press conferences, a final round of interviews and a victory lap of the Convention Center floor.

While the casts of Glee and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia commenced their usual Sunday panels and press junkets, the press conference that intrigued us the most was based entirely on it’s title: “The Lost Legacy of Muppets Creator Jim Henson Revealed.” Thanks to a collaboration between Henson archivist Karen Falk and Henson’s eldest daughter (and Henson Company CEO), Lisa, a lost script from the Muppets Creator has been brought to the light of day and “A Tale Of Sand” will be available in the fall through Archaia Entertainment. Graphic Artist Ramon Perez was also on hand to discuss the pressure of the process and the pleasure he can now take in his finished work. Another big reveal is that this group have two other Henson projects in the works; a prequel to The Dark Crystal and a prequel to Labrynth.

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