[Video] See Dan Taylor’s Weekend In The Sky

With the beautiful weekend that just past, everyone was out and about. Boating, biking and for some like me, flying.

The picture above shows Albany off the left wing of my biplane, and the video below shot with a new hi-tech mini cam shows some cool footage of me taking off and landing my plane.

I have an extra seat up front and hope to one day get Mr. G to join me in flight!

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One Comment

  1. Mary Shaw says:

    DT great video!!! I would go with ya, if not afraid of heights. Enjoy but be careful, my friend!!

  2. Steve Smith says:

    Great view, good piloting, Looks like your having fun!
    Gotta meet up with you sometime for a flight!

  3. M.Smith says:

    Mr.G should be ”grounded”…He wants to send you to ”weather school”…Send him to a flight school!! ..I would test him first before his flight. He will fail this…Place him in a chair at your studio. Tell him to close his eyes and start slowly turning the chair in one direction and speed up a bit, do this for 20-30 seconds. Slow the chair down and go the opposite direction. Slowly stop the chair and ask him what’s happening? He won’t be able to decide what direction he’s turning. He might even get sick!

    1. Dan Taylor says:

      I will make sure to have extra sickness bags stowed!

  4. Joey says:

    GREAT video! Would LOVE to see more! Daily/weekly videos?!?!? Be still my heart! Take me with you DT!

    1. Jeanne says:

      Hi Dan – flying suits you – “an angel with wings” – luv you in the morning!

    2. Dan Taylor says:

      Hi Joey,
      I’ll try to post more clips. The camera worked better than I thought.
      Best regards,

  5. Susan Crain Bakos says:

    I’m with Joey….great video and we want more….and we all want to fly with you.

    Air kisses, S

  6. Glenn says:

    Great video!
    Listen every morning and love to hear aviation and weather info.
    Having been a private pilot for many years if Mr. G does not want to go I would love to. Always at Republic on weekends watching everyone fly and listening to 118.8.
    Mr. “G”lenn


    1. Dan Taylor says:

      Thanks Glenn,
      Glad to meet a fellow pilot. Took my written Commercial test out there many moon ago.

  7. Gail Anne Gamache says:

    GailHi Dan. I listen to you every morning. I work at Westchester County Airport and heard you mention Mark Palazzo the other day. My father was a navy pilot and flew corsairs. I would so love to go flying with you. Hope to hear from you. Gail

    1. Dan Taylor says:

      Hello Gail. Mark’s a great guy and pilot. The Corsair was a terrific plane. What fabulous memories your dad must have!

  8. Will Taylor says:

    G in the plane??? Never happen….. 😉

  9. Adam Z says:

    very cool. looks amazing.

  10. Libby says:

    Thanks SexyPrime for introducing me to the dulcet tones of DT!
    Love this show…we listen to DT in Lebanon when we can! Great voice !

    Good luck Dan!

  11. Kimmie says:

    Great video! I was hoping for some loop-de-loops… maybe next time? I found you here following a link from Sexyprime.typepad.com – apparently a lot of folks there are big fans so I HAD to check you out! I must say that I am impressed…

  12. Michael Kaler says:

    I enjoyed seeing this video, which I found a link on the excellent blog, SexyPrime!

    And I will note that the women of SexyPrime can never seem to get enough of Dan Taylor, whom they talk about enthusiastically all the time!

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