CBS FM’s A to Z Countdown

Ever wonder just how many songs are in the CBS-FM music catalogue? How deep does our extensive collection go? Well get ready to find out just how BIG the largest library in New York Radio is as CBS-FM opens up the vault to celebrate the Fourth of July and play you every single track we have during our A to Z Countdown!

And in case you miss anything, or just want to keep track with us as we countdown every song in our extensive library, we’re going to give you the days songs to look at right here!

Ok. Here we go. Let’s get Day One started with the A’s!

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  • Mary Shaw

    always enjoy this kind of weekend, the A to ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Have a wonderful safe Holiday!!!

  • ann

    driving home from work yesterday you were on the “baby’s” group. where oh where was barbara lewis’ “baby, i’m yours”?
    sadly missed. otherwise great show. driving to work this am heard build me up buttercup and remembered many others from ’69. loved hearing neil diamond with “brother love”

  • Deb

    All WCBS-FM101.1 countdowns are special. It’s wonderful to hear all the “oldies” that seem to get lost during day-to-day air play time. Love the days of an endless variety of songs. This morning, the songs that start with the word “California” did not include California Nights by the great Leslie Gore. You missed that one. Thanks for stopping the countdown at midnite and resuming it again at 6AM (an idea that should have started with the countdown concept). Keep those countdowns coming! Lots to enjoy! Happy and safe July 4th!

  • Vince Bova

    Where are the 50’s songs ? Also where’s the 4 Seasons’ “Alone”,”Ain’t That a Shame” and Big Man in Town ??

    • John

      Hey Vince,

      I also was looking forward to hearing “Big Man in Town”…oh well.

      • Mike

        Seems like no more 50’s aside from a few Elvis and Chuck Berry songs. They even skipped “In The Still of the Night”. I guess it was it a matter of time. At least there’s still some 1960-64 songs in there.

    • advance2go

      They are not the same WCBS we grew up with! They no longer play 50’s music. They replaced that decaed with the 80’s!….. arguably the worst decade in music history.

  • Carl Parente

    This is one of the highlights of the year listening to all the songs in alphbetical order. But you did skip over a couple D’s this morning on Dan’s show, the Animals original “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” and BJ Thomas’s version of “Don’t Worry Baby”.
    A very happy, enjoyable and safe July 4th weekend to everyone at WCBSFM!!

  • John

    I know CBS-FM doesn’t play many 50’s songs anymore, but I really thought you would play “Earth Angel” by the Penguins. It was even 1n the Top 1001 last year.

  • J.P.

    Pretty sure you played The Beach Boys’ “Darlin'” after “Dark Lady” by Cher.

  • oldies76

    CBS-Fm Rules!!

  • John

    Some curious choices of songs being played. For example, “Higher and Higher” by Rita Coolidge was played while “Higher and Higher” by Jackie Wilson was not.

    • Jim

      I see where Higher and Higher by Rita Coolidge was played twice!!! It was played under the H’s and also under the Y’s. I guess the program director loves that song…LOL!

  • Rita

    What happened to “In the Still of the Nite”?
    What about “Johnny Angel”?

  • Jimi LaLumia

    The Esquires song is “Get On Up” ,not “Get On It”;
    what happened to “The Happening”, a #1 song by The Supremes?

    • Jimi LaLumia

      never mind, I found “The Happening”; but missing is the top ten follow up to “Love Child”; “I’m Living In Shame” by The Supremes is missing..

  • Gary

    I thought I missed “Bad Time” by Grank Funk Railroad. I see from the list that it wasn’t even played this time around. ;(

  • Jimi LaLumia

    and we didn’t get “Nathan Jones” or “Floy Joy” by the 70’s Supremes!!

  • Kate

    This weekend with countdown from A-Z is absolutely wonderful.

  • Patricia Ebbro

    I too am wondering why certain songs were missed, while others were included. I wait for this every year in hopes of hearing songs I haven’t heard in a long time. For example “Love Can Make You Happy” and “Love Is All Around” and also songs that were done by more than one artist, sometimes both versions are played and sometimes only one version was played. I am enjoying this but I wish certain songs & artists were included & I wish you would play songs from artists that you used to play but have not played in years. Artists like Gary Puckett, Lesley Gore, Petula Clark(songs from mid to late sixties). I love CBS 101.1, and I don’t want it to become just like all other stations.

  • Maani

    Love the countdown. But you missed:

    Holly Holy (Neil Diamond)
    I Call Your Name (Beatles, Mamas & Papas)
    Leaving on a Jet Plane (Peter, Paul & Mary)

    I’m keeping track when I listen, guys, so keep it honest! LOL.

  • kevinaitch

    Wow, you guys are skipping a lot of hits. Latest example: “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo.”

  • Jerrold Greenberg

    If they are ACTUALLY playing every song in the library, then why are so many good songe from the late 50’s and the entire 60’s being skipped over? It seems that there is too much of an 80’s emphasis in this survey.

  • Maria

    I see where “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by Robert John was played while the version by the Tokens was not. This doesn’t make sense as the Tokens’ version is played every day on CBS-FM.
    I’m waiting to see if “Rag Doll” by the 4 Seasons (the #1 song on the Top 1001) is played this year.

  • Mary Jane

    I look forward all year to this but I too miss songs like Love is All Around and Love Can Make You Happy, Earth Angel, etc.. since they are not played often. Pease don’t turn from the demographic that grew up listening to radio. We still do listen all the time. We are not hooked to ipods. Biggest surprise so far is that Pretty Woman was dropped. Not my favorite but too popular to leave off.

    • Steve E.

      “Pretty Woman” was played — look for it under the “O’s” under its proper title: “Oh, Pretty Woman.” The list is in so many ways impressive — lots of songs I wouldn’t think would get played. And that’s what makes the omissions, many of which have been cited here, all the more curious. “Crying” gets the Don McLean remake but not the Roy Orbison original. But “Crimson and Clover” gets the Tommy James original but not the Joan Jett remake. “Go Away Little Girl” doesn’t get Steve Lawrence’s or Donny Osmond’s versions (both of which made No. 1) but DOES get the Happenings’ version from 1966. This lineup is billed as being the station’s entire library, and yet does it really not have the titles people have mentioned? Looking ahead on the list, I see just one “Twist and Shout” will be played — and it’s the Isley Brothers. It’s simply not possible that the station no longer has the Beatles’ version, and I’ve heard it played on CBS many times. So why bill this as “the complete library”? Or are we inferring too much and it’s simply a “sampling” of the CBS library?

      • oldies76

        A station will never play it’s “entire library”, which in theory would include thousands and thousands of hit songs from the 50’s through the late 80’s and beyond. They are supposedly only “authorized” to play a fraction of that and only the songs that relate to the demographics it’s aiming for (25-54 year olds).
        That’s why so many are being skipped and so many are just being avoided. You are right….it’s a sampling only!

  • Zoe

    HOORAY!!! You played “Rag Doll” by the Four Seasons.

    Everybody loves that song. Please play it more often.

  • Kate

    Thank yiou for this weekend. Can’t remember when I enjoyed music like this. Fantastic!!!!!

  • Chris K

    Lots of good ones off the list, guys. You sprinkled a 50s hit here and there, but no Five Satins??! The one that topped your countdowns for DECADES?? And where was the Dave Clark Five version of “Do You Love Me” ?? Did it leave town for the long weekend and miss the countdown?? Tsk, tsk, tsk……

    • oldies76

      I guess all the complaints about CBS-FM skipping songs means that CBS-FM is skewing more to the 25-54 crowd, in other words, people who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, not the 50’s and 60’s. I totally agree with you to. Music of the 50’s and 60’s should NOT be skipped, since these songs are the true rock and roll sound and many of them are timeless. But I guess CBS-FM doesn’t think so anymore. People over 55 DO LISTEN to your station. Please don’t count them out.

  • Vince Bova

    What happened to “Tell it to the Rain” & Stay by the 4 Seasons ! Somebody has their fingers in your “music library” !!

    • John

      WOW! We think alike. I looked to see if “Stay” by the 4 Seasons was played, and it wasn’t. At least they did play “Rag Doll”.

      It’s obvious that CBS is moving away from the oldies that made the station famous. Oh well…

      • Jerrold Greenberg

        This is beginning to remind me of the mistake they made when they went over to the “Jack format”.
        That mistake was corrected, and it’s about time for THIS mistake to be corrected also.
        Bring back the emphasis on the first two decades of rock, mid-fifties through mid-seventies.

      • oldies76

        I agree 100%….50’s thru 70’s rocked!!

      • Vince Bova

        I agree ! They are NOT great 4 Season fans that’s for sure !! I don’t even think they played “Who Loves You” !!

    • John

      I also was waiting to hear “Stay” by the 4 Seasons.

      • Carole

        Jerrold: I agree; the “jack” format went over like a lead balloon. Happy as I was to have CBS-fm back, it is NOT the same and it continues to almost ignore the BEST two decades of music, 50’s and 60’s into the 70’s. When will they learn?

  • vickie padar

    Waited so long for Johnny Rivers Summer Rain. What happened?

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