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Father’s Day Rocks: Songs For Sugar Daddies, Heavenly Fathers, And Rolling Stones

Gruff but kindly, quick to lecture and fast to forgive, he knows everything and then he knows nothing and then he knows everything again. He is always aware of the worst case scenario, but he won’t ever talk about it and if it happens, he pretends to be calm. His perfect day includes the comfy chair, comfort food and lots of family love (but keep it low-key during the game). Here is his soundtrack:

1. “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by the Temptations. Even the real Rolling Stones were better fathers than this guy.

2. “Color Him Father” by the Winstons. “Color that man love.”

3. “Father, Father” by Pops Staple. A song about the Big Daddy from the patriarch of the Staples. Mavis testifies on this one.

4. “To Daddy” by Dolly Parton. Also covered by faithful daughter Emmylou.

5. “Oh My Papa” by Eddie Fisher. Gets less schmaltzy with each passing year.

6. “Father of Day” by Bob Dylan. Another one about the heavenly father.

7. “Oh Daddy” by Fleetwood Mac. This could be a sugar daddy.

8. “Oh Daddy” by Adrian Belew. Promises to give his daughter Disneyland on this on. Still pending.

9. “Valley Girl” by Frank Zappa. Sings this one with Moon, who kept her name. Thanks dad.

10. “Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar” by the Andrews Sisters. A swingin’ daddio.

11. “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon. “A son’s a son till he takes a wife, but a daughter’s a daughter all of your life.”

12. “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens. Paternal advice and the response.

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