Video: B.J. Thomas With Broadway Bill Lee

bj  Video: B.J. Thomas With Broadway Bill Lee

B.J. Thomas in The CBS-FM Studio

Watch video of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]B.J. Thomas[/lastfm] as he chats with Broadway Bill Lee about his upcoming David Letterman appearance!  Watch as he performs “Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head“.  Plus, see video of B.J. Thomas singing a little [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Elvis[/lastfm]!

B.J. Thomas interview with Broadway Bill Lee:


B.J. Thomas sings “Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head


B.J. Thomas sings some Elvis!


One Comment

  1. Mary Shaw says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks for posting!!! BBlee you ROCK!!! you both look great!!! 🙂

  2. Johnny B says:

    Thank you BJ Thomas , this song meant alot to me and Nancy way back in 1969 and it still does today..

  3. Terri says:

    Thanks, Bill n BJ!! Love this station….love you all! Long time listener since 1972!!!!

  4. Marlene says:

    Thank You, BJ..I’ve always loved that song…I’m a long time fan…

  5. Bbarbara J. Healey says:

    Luv Ya B.J.– We’ll be watching you on the Letterman show for sure! Come to Nebraska, PLEASE!!

  6. Barbara J. Healey says:

    Luv Ya B.J.– We’ll be watching you on the Letterman show! Come to Nebraska, PLEASE!!

  7. Jeanette says:

    B.J. you’re the best. Consider yourself hugged.

  8. Laurie Fuller Sordillo says:

    Great interview. Can’t wait to hear BJ sing at the City Winery on Nov 26th in NYC.

  9. Trish says:

    Thanks for posting anything about BJ. I’ve got my recorder ready for tomorrow night’s Letterman show. I love BJ’s music and have nearly every one of his albums/CDs.

  10. Fatima Dias says:

    BJ! Thanks for all your great music.Wish I could be there to see B.J.Thomas at The Late Show with Letterman.Big hug from Brazil.

  11. Fatima Dias says:

    Thanks for all your great music.We’ll be watching you on the David Letterman Show here in Brazil and wish I could be there.Big hug from Brazil.

  12. miriam says:

    B.J II love you forever

  13. Joe Goyette says:

    Thank you for this interview. It was awesome, and so is BJ. I’m a huge fan. If you have the footage of him on Letterman, I’d love that too. I was out last night and missed the show. Bummer.

    Joe Goyette

  14. carmen rosangela says:

    Great interview! It’s so cool to hear a great artist like B.J.Thomas.
    Thanks for share this videos for fans of BJ, amazing as always !!!
    CD “Once I loved “is superb album.

  15. Burkhard Scheepers says:

    Fantastic! This man is 68 years old and sings as if he was on stage or in the recording studio. What a professional attitude towards music. He never does things by halves. And all that without having warmed up his voice.

  16. Pastor Rolando Lacaba says:

    I grew up with his songs. He has such love for Jesus that made me love Jesus all the more. Home where I belong is the song that really touched me to the core. Life is so short. I want to be more like Jesus is another. This songs speaks my burning desire to like my savior. Truly BJ is an icon for the glory of Jesus. And I am not only a fan but also a prayer warrior for him.

    1. Pastor Rolando Lacaba says:

      B J, you’re the greatest.

  17. John C. says:

    CBS!! Love you Guys, been a fan since ’72. BJ’s been my favorite singer since I first heard “Hooked on a Feeling”. I bought everything I could get my hands on that he’s done. His new album “Once I Loved” is another wonderful surprise of his tremendous talents. I’ve seen him in concert and had the pleasure of shaking his hand a couple of times, he’s so good to his fans. BJ you are the best!, Keep it Coming!! Also, Loved Ya on Letterman and Huckabee, It’s great to see you get the recognition you so truly deserve.

  18. Steve Jobe says:

    Is it just me, or was David just flat rude to B.J., several times? I wasn’t a big fan of Letterman before, but I sure as heck am not now. B.J. deserved much better treatment than that – he’s a LEGEND!!

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