Lenny Bloch

Growing up in Queens New York with Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie, the WMCA Good Guys, Scott Muni, Pat St. John, Carol Miller, Jim Kerr and all the rest, Lenny thrilled the kids at Forest Park with his DJ “Raps.”  While attending High School in Jamaica, he landed an internship at NBC Radio and before long, he was “hanging around”  66 WNBC where he met Wolfman Jack and began as a “gopher.”  Soon Lenny moved up in the world and was promoted to answering the phones and occasionally appeared on the air in some of  Wolf’s on air shenanigans eventually he producing Wolfman’s syndicated show in the mid-70’s.

Lenny eventually moved on to Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Hartford, and finally back to the East coast as Morning DJ and Program Director on Long Island.  That lead to an eight year run at a radio station in  New Jersey.  He spent five years at Sirius Satellite Radio programming two Classic Rock stations and the Jam Band channel. While there he had the chance to hire some of his early radio idols, including Pat St. John, Carol Miller, Woodstock icon Wavy Gravy and basketball legend Bill Walton for a Grateful Dead show.

Lenny joined the CBS Radio family in 2005 as Assistant Program Director.  He now can be heard overnights every weekend on 101.1 CBS-FM. He is the father of Ruby and Danny and loves jamming with his son and friends, kayaking, hiking, and the New York Yankees.

  • Mary Shaw

    wow Lenny, you are younger then me and you grew up with the stations I listened too, I grew up in Brooklyn, I listen to you when up late, you got a Awesome voice. Glad I got to meet you quick in a elevator LOL maybe another time I will meet you and be able to talk more to you. I wish you the Best!!

  • David

    i remember listening to pat st john and Cousin Brucie on WCBS FM. I was working for Mom’s Bagels and Tables and delivered a catering order of bagels and cream cheeses to the station at WCBS FM.

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